Is it the 15th Already?

Jes’ kidding. It is the fifteenth, and time for my first update on my Million Dollar Blog Project (MDBP) blog. As I mentioned in my previous post, I was still waffling about which site was going to be my MDBP blog. Check out what I’ve accomplished, and what I have planned for the next month:

My Previous Goals:

1. To select a project to use as my MDBP blog

2. To set up WordPress and select a theme

3. Get some content up so I could get indexed

My Results:

1. Success! I have decided to make my new dieting-themed blog my MDBP blog. Now, mind you, this isn’t any ordinary diet-themed blog. It’s a very specific diet, geared toward treating a particular set of medical issues. So it’s not as though I’ll be competing with Alexis over in the Pond. :) Additionally, these are medical issues with which I’ve been dealing for the past two years, so I have pretty intimate knowledge of my audience.

2. Easy-peasy. Thanks to WPTwin, setting up new domains is now a breeze. The toughest part is always selecting a theme. Since I have both StudioPress and Elegant Themes memberships, I have over 100 gorgeous, professionally-designed themes to choose from (42 from StudioPress and 69 from Elegant Themes). In the end, I wound up going with StudioPress, as I think their in-built SEO is a tad better. And since I’m hoping to actually make money with this blog (gasp!) I’d like my SEO ducks to be in a row.

3. Done and done. Right now I only have one post and one page up, but I am indexed. I haven’t really worked out my silo configuration yet, so I didn’t want to go bananas throwing content up only to confuse the search engines by re-arranging it all at a later date.

My Earnings So Far:

Goose egg! But then what did you expect? I’m not monetizing with AdSense (at least not yet, and hopefully not ever), and the site’s been up less than a week, so let’s be reasonable. And to be honest, since this is actually more of a passion project for me, I’m not planning on setting any earnings goals for the time being. I want to focus on getting good, helpful content up, and then worry about whether or not I’ve monetized it to the best of my ability. That’s not to say I’m not monetizing; I’ve already got links to Amazon up, and I’ve applied to a couple of new affiliate programs which I’ve never had use for before. It’s just not my number one priority. It’s more along the lines of “oh, I’m recommending a book here; I should link to Amazon!” And of course any link from me to Amazon is going to be an affiliate link. :D

My Goals for November 15th:

1. Set up a Twitter account & Facebook page, and automate posting updates to the two of them.

I’ve got the Twitter thing nailed; I use either FeedBurner or the WP to Twitter plugin, and they both work hassle-free once set up. I think in this case I’ll use WP to Twitter, because I’m trying to move away from using Google tools on my sites. I’m doing some testing now to see if taking things like Adsense & Google Analytics makes any difference in the traffic I garner. Facebook will be a bit trickier, as I’ve never managed to get things to port to Facebook automatically. I tried once, many moons ago, and failed miserably. I’m sure there are better plugins and whatnot available now, though; I’ll just have to do a bit of research & get it all playing nicely together. Of course, if you have this licked, please leave me a comment and let me know what tool you use!

2. Create five new pages of content.

Why only five? Because these are going to be five epic pages. Trust me. Plus, I need to work on my other sites during the month as well.

3. Create five posts to go with the pages.

When I say “to go with the pages,” it’s because I subscribe to Mike Liebner‘s method of site promotion. I’m not going to go into all the details of why in this post, because I have a whole post about that planned for later. Suffice to say, you create a blog post to complement & call attention to each page you create. It’s basically more words for your site, hence more dilution of your affiliate links. It also gives you more on-site targets for your backlinks. :D

4. Announce my new site to the other folks I know who are doing this diet.

This will be a piece of cake; a one-paragraph message on a board and it’s done. I’ve already given them teaser messages, and the response has been positive so far, so I’ll probably start drawing traffic from this source as soon as I post.

Aaaand that’s it. Not huge plans, probably even a lazy person’s plan by ZenDuck Dave’s standards. But that’s OK; I’ve always preferred a slow plan for building sites I truly cared about, as my posting schedule for this blog illustrates nicely.

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  1. Dave says:

    Slow and steady wins the race. Good luck with your new project Michelle and thanks for the link.

    • Michelle says:

      Thanks for stopping by, Dave. And thanks again for creating The Pond!

      Just to clarify for anyone who might think I was dissing Dave; I wasn’t implying that Dave’s way of going about things is bad. Quite the contrary, it is not all that different from how I have built some of my own sites. It just doesn’t suit my current work style/schedule. I also feel my quality suffers when I try to create epic content on too tight of a schedule. Of course, I always revisit my content, regardless of how well I think I do the first time around. Even yesterday’s relatively simple post got updated four times after I published it. I’m just fussy that way.

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